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OAKLEY: Old English for "from the oak meadow." Sounds more like a private academy than a child's name, but try it out before dismissing it. Relatives: Oakly, Oakleigh, Oakes, Oak. Namesake: Annie Oakley.

OBADIAH: Hebrew for "servant of God." Relatives: Obed, Obie, Obe. Namesake: "Obi-Wan Kenobi."

OCTAVIUS: Latin for "eighth child." This name and some of the variations carry a sense of authority. Octavian was, after all, a Roman emperor. Relatives: Octavus, Octavio, Octavia, Octavian, Octavie, Tavie, Tavy. Namesake: Octavio Paz.

ODELIA: From the Old German for "little wealthy one" and Hebrew for "praise God." Relatives: Odell, Odella, Odelinda, Odilia, Odette (French for "happy home"), Odetta, Odelette. Namesakes: Odetta, Odette Brailly.

ODELL: Old German for "little wealthy one," Greek for "ode," and Danish for "otter." Odin is the mythological equivalent of Zeus in the Norse hierarchy. Relatives: Odin, Ode, Odie, Odis.

ODESSA: Greek for "odyssey." For the born traveler. Namesake: Odessa (Tex.)

OGDEN: Old English for "from the oak valley." Relatives: Oggie, Denny, Den. Namesake: Ogden Nash.

OGILVY: Old Scottish for "from the high peak." A proud old Scottish surname, Ogilvy lends itself to a nice seletion of nicknames. Relatives: Ogilvie, Gil, Gilie, Gilly. Namesake: David Ogilvy.

OLAF: Old Norse for "talisman" or "ancestor." Relatives: Olav, Olof, Olin, Olen, Olie. Namesakes: Saint Olga, Olga Korbut.

OLIN: Old English for "holly." Relatives: Olney, Olinda. Namesake: Olney (Md.)

Olive: A botanical name form the Latin. Olive branches are traditionally used as a symbol of peace. Relatives: Olivia, Olivette, Ollie, Olly, Olva, Livia, Livy, Nollie, Nola. Namesake: Olivia De Havilland, Olivia Hussey, "Olive Oyl."

OLIVER: Old Norse for "kind one" and Old French for "olive tree." Perhaps because of the Dickens classic, Oliver has been an enduring favorite in the United Kingdom and has enjoyed modest popularity in America. Relatives: Olivier, Olivero, Olley, Olly, Ollie, Noll, Nolly. Namesakes: Oliver Cromwell, Oliver Goldsmith, Oliver Hardy, Ollie North, Oliver Twist.

OLYMPIA: Greek for "of Mount Olympus." For a child with her head in the clouds. Relatives: Olympe , Olimpie. Namesake: Olympia Dukakis.

OMAR: Arabic for "first son" and "disciple," Hebrew for "gifted speaker," and German for "famous." Rooted in the Middle East, this name is rarely used in the West. Relative: Omer. Namesakes: Saint Omer, Omar Khayyam, General Omar Bradley, Omar Sharif, grandson of Esau.

OONA: Irish Gaelic and Latin for "unity." Relatives: Ona, Oonaugh, Oonagh. Namesake: Oona Chaplin.

OPAL: Sanskrit for "jewel." The opal is the birthstone for October babies. Relatives: Opaline, Opalina.

OPHELIA: Greek for "useful" or "wise." Relative: Ofelia, Ofilia, Ophelie, Phelia. Namesake: "Ophelia" in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

ORALIA: Latin for "golden" and Hebrew for "light." Relatives: Oriel, Orel, Orelda, Oriole, Orielle, Orlene, Orlena, Orpah, Oralee, Oralie, Oral, Ora, Orah, Oria, Orlie, Orly, Orabel. Namesakes: Oral Roberts, Baltimore Orioles, Orel Herschiser.

ORAN: Irish Gaelic for "pale one" and Hebrew for "pine." Relatives: Orin, Orren, Oren, Orran, Orrin, Oram, Orrie. Namesake: Orrin Hatch.

ORIANA: Latin for "dawn" and Greek for "east." Relatives: Oralia, Orelle, Orlanna, Oria. Namesake: Oriana Fallaci.

ORION: From the Latin for "dawn" and Greek for "east." Relatives: Orien, Orienne, Orestes, Orest, Oris. Namesakes: the constellation, the mythical hunter, Orion Pictures.

ORLANDO: An Italian form of Roland and Latin for "bright sun." Relatives: Orlanda, Orlie, Orly, Lando. Namesakes: Orlando Cepeda, Tony Orlando, Orlando.

ORSON: Old English for "spearman's son" and Latin for "bear." Relatives: Orsen, Orsin, Orsini, Sonny. Namesakes: Orson Welles, Orson Bean.

ORVILLE: Old French for "from the golden village" and thought to be the invention of novelist Fanny Burney in 1779. For the baby with the right stuff. Relaties: Orvalle, Orval. Namesakes: Orville Wright, Orville Redenbacher.

OSBERT: Old English for "inspired" or "divine." Relatives: Osborn, Osborne, Osmar, Osmond, Osmund, Osted, Ostric, Osmen, Osman, Ossie. Namesakes: Osbert Sitwell, Donnie and Marie Osmond, John Osborne.

OSCAR: Old Norse for "divine spear." The Academy Award, a knight holding a sword and standing on a reel of film, is called an Oscar because an actress once remarked the statuette looked like her uncle Oscar. Relatives: Osgood, Oskar. Namesakes: Oscar Wilde, Oscar Hammerstein, Oscar de la Renta, "Oscar the Grouch."

OSWALD: Old English for "divinely powerful." Relatives: Oswell, Ossie, Ozzie, Oswald, Oswall, Oswell, Oswaldo. Namesakes: Ozzie Nelson, Ossie Davis, Lee Harvey Oswald.

OTIS: Greek for "acute" and Old German for "wealthy." Relatives: Otto, Odo, Otho, Othello, Otello, Otilio. Namesakes: Otis Redding, Otis Pike, Otto von Bismarck, Otto Rank, Otto Preminger.

OWEN: Old Welsh for "warrior" and Greek for "well born." This handsome name should be used more often. Reltives: Owyn, Evan, Ewen, Owens. Namesakes: Owen Wister, Owen Davis, Jesse Owens, "Owen Meaney."

OXFORD: Old English for "from where the oxen ford." You can't get much more academic than this. Relatives: Oxton, Oxon. Namesake: Oxford University.

OZ: Hebrew for "strength." This child will certainly be a wiz at whatever he does. Namesakes: Amos Oz, Frank Oz.